Sustainability & CSR

At Overgaard & Dyrman we want to make the best possible products. Both when considering nature and people.

Locally Manufactured:
All our products are made in our own workshop in Northern Denmark. We work closely together with local suppliers to ensure a close collaboration, a very high level of quality and the use of the best materials available.

By producing in Denmark, we make sure our facilities meet all requirements, that our workers are under a health care system and that all pieces are consciously created from a-z.

Finest Materials:
We only work with materials that are thoughtful sourced and treated, and with thorough documentation.

Made To Order:
Our furniture is ‘made to order’ to ensure that only pieces specifically ordered are manufactured – the pieces made, simply reflects what the market demands and therefore no over or mis production will take place. For you as a client or customer, it means that we do not have a big stock to pick from which results in longer delivery times – on the other hand, the pieces are made especially for you, as you want them.

Made To Last:
At Overgaard & Dyrman our goal is to create beautiful, original, and meaningful objects that not only stand the test of time, but that improve as they age – objects that will inspire and delight today and for generations to come.

When talking Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility we do our best. Nevertheless, we are not perfect and we are always willing to listen and learn. If you have any suggestions, concerns or ideas on how we can do it even better, please contact us at

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