Circle Collection

Circle Dining Chair


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OD210 / OD211

From ancient mathematicians like Euclid, to Leonardo da Vinci, to Denmark’s own Hans J. Wegner, the circle has always fascinated dreamers and makers. As a symbol of beauty and balance, the ‘perfect geometry’ of the circle has inspired the curiosity and creativity of architects and astronomers, philosophers, and physicists. Continuing in this tradition, the inspiration for our Circle Chair, which was launched in 2019, was guided by the graceful arcs and inviting curves of the circle’s elegant simplicity.

Because the Circle Chair has been designed as a practical object d’art, it is meant to be viewed and enjoyed from all sides, with each angle offering a unique perspective on the ever-inspiring circle. Key design features of the chair include a trestle-shaped base inspired by the form of a drafting compass, contrasting materials used side by side, multiple customization options, and the choice of optional armrest.

Crafted with both new and traditional techniques, including CNC machinery and traditional wood joinery, the chair possesses a light and elegant expression. Each Circle Chair is uniquely numbered and crafted in Denmark by skilled craftsmen and women – All pieces are made to order.

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