Restaurant Connection by Alan Bates

Author: Alan Bates / Bruno Jakobsen Design

Year: 2023

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Featured Pieces: Wire Dining Chair, Circle Dining Chair

Images Courtesy: Overgaard & Dyrman / Food images by Dominique Ricci

Further Information: Connection by Alan Bates

Press Material: Download here

We would like to introduce you to a very special place. A place that stands out from the usual. A place that is driven by passion, and a place where Alan, and his fantastic team, gives you an experience out of the ordinary.

“At some point, we lost the connection. To the produce, the taste and each other. Connection by Alan Bates is my humble attempt to try to re-establish the connection between us. Connection might be Copenhagen’s smallest gourmet restaurant, and many of our guests say that they feel at home in our little restaurant. Perhaps it’s because everyone is seated around three Chefs Tables: each with room for a total of 6 guests. This means that you will share your experience with the other guests around the table. Maybe you get a smile or a nice chat with a stranger during the evening? Of course, you can go to the experience in exactly the way it suits you – it’s your evening. But my hope is that you guests – when the evening is over – have had fun and will look back on a different and refreshing dining experience, where we have all gotten a little closer to each other.” – Alan Bates

About the interior and design

The restaurant is designed by Bruno Jakobsen. Bruno has a great focus on the details and works very uncompromisingly with his projects. We were therefore also pleased when Bruno and Alan decided to furnish the restaurant exclusively with chairs from Overgaard & Dyrman – and with both Circle and Wire collection pieces. As an additional challenge, there is a pillar in the center of the restaurant. Bruno wanted to emphasize this, so together we came up with a solution where the pillar is wrapped with leather. A detail that we also incorporated in the Circle Dining Chairs armrests.

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