Jewel Box, Texas

Author: FORM Design Studio / Mell Lawrence Architects

Year: 2019

Location: Austin, Texas

Featured Pieces: Wire Dining Chair

Images Courtesy: Nathan Kirkman

Press Material: Download here

‘The twisting, powerful oaks drew the client to the site in Austin on which she would build a guest pavilion at home among the trees. Her design team, Joshua Rose and Rafael Kalichstein of FORM Design Studio in Los Angeles, had worked with her on other projects in other cities, so they already possessed a creative rhythm that would help inform the design of the building. As the plan was taking shape, the design team took off for a magical buying trip to Belgium and Italy that found them in the most remote secret spots off the beaten design path that would unearth sublime finds for the space.’

– by Erika Heet, originally published at, Feb. 2019

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